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Black Square Rubik’s Cube

12 The Most Hardest Rubik’s Cube Puzzles To Solve

Looking to up the ante through a quirky Rubik cube’s challenge? Get your own Black Square Rubik’s Cube to quench your excitement. The cube comes with an array of different geometrical figures in addition to squares that earns it the title of a “fantastic puzzle”. It is undoubtedly one of the most difficult Rubik’s cubes in the market.

J Shaped Travel Pillow

13 Highly Comfortable And Unique Travel Pillows for Travelers

Get some sleep while you travel by resting your chin and head over this J shaped travel pillow. It supports all kind of sitting positions for airplanes, cars, trains and is machine washable. Can also be used while watching TV at home. On your next trip, don’t forget to attach this to your luggage.

Real Wood Baby Groot

Unique Gift Ideas For The GROOT Fanatic In Your Life

This one is the real wood 3D printed Baby Groot which will attract every eye when placed on your home or office desk. And for fans Guardians of the Galaxy, this will be a perfect gift they would sure to scream for. Comes with 4 variations finished, unfinished, with base and without a base to sit him on.

Tea Leaf Tea Infuser

Most Cool and Creative Tea Infusers For Tea Lovers

This beautifully designed tea infuser is inspired by flower pots. This unique tea leaf tea infuser has enough space to let you brew full pots or single pots of loose leaf tea for tea lovers. Remove the top leaf stem to fill it with your desirable tea, replace the lid and dip it in your hot water cup.

Waterproof Metal USB Sticks

Unique & Coolest USB Flash Drives

Simple and sleek design with a set of 2 x 32GB waterproof metal USB flash drives. Comes in two colors Black and Silver for better organization of your work and entertainment. Compatible with 3.0 USB ports. With its ring-shaped back makes it keychain attachable.

Cutting Board With Scrap Bin

Unique Cutting Board Designs For Your Cooking & Kitchen Decor

This cutting board makes the job done in a creative way. Provides you with some extra space and its L shaped edge design fit over counters to gives you great balance and stability. Also features a removable scarp bin to ensure vegetable juices or veggie scrap does not fall on the floor. Can also collapse for easy storage.

Wall Clock Hidden Compartment

Creative Diversion Safe Designs To Hide Your Valuables in Plain Sight

No way it can be noticed so easily. This creative idea about a wall clock with hidden storage is just amazing. One can never expect a secret safe behind a regular wall clock which is fully functional. You can use it to hide your jewelry, cash, documents or even handy gun for security. This simple looking wall clock has a hidden compartment with three shelves to hide your things.