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You must be wondering who we are and what we are all about right?

This website Things I Desire was founded in Jan-2018 and is fast becoming a well-known brand here and in the popularity contest that is social media.

Our main mission is to consistently gather the most desirable products from around the world and display it all here in one convenient location for your entertainment!

We believe in quality and performance and does not only gather products that we are affiliated with. We also share products with which we are not even affiliated.

We try our best to find the cheapest places to buy these products from and then try even harder to acquire further discounts for our members.

We are an affiliate based company so we do get a small commission on any products purchased through our site, these commissions help our overheads and also go towards our staff, who does an incredible job! So if you are planning on purchasing any products through our site, then thanks in advance, we appreciate it!

If you want to get in touch with Things I Desire then simply go to our Contact Us page.

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