10 Best Solar Powered Gears For Outdoor And Camping Activities

No matter how advanced the technology and humankind goes but delivering power everywhere or can say in the middle of nowhere would be the toughest job. But we all knew the sun shines everywhere even where the technology and human can’t even reach.

So why not get good use of nature. Nature can also present us energy or power to charge our everyday gadgets. All we need is a way to transform sun rays into energy which we have learned already.

Thanks to solar energy and solar power gadgets. Travelers love to connect with nature and so will they love to pick a handy solar powered gear for their next trip.

Best Solar Powered Gears for Your Outdoor & Camping Activities

Here in this article, we will be going to shortlist a list of best solar powered gears and gadgets for camping and outdoor activities. Each one serves a different purpose all you need to pick the best one for you.

#1. Emergency Radio with Solar Charging

A portable, Solar powered Emergency Radio with a flashlight is a product you don’t wanna miss if you are planning for camping or any hiking trips. You can charge the battery either by Solar power or 5V DC USB or Dynamo Generator.

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#2. Solar Powered Lantern

Light is must when we go for camping, hunting, boating etc. This NEBO weatherRite Eco Lantern is a portable energy saving lantern with 24 super bright LEDs that can be charged with solar power, AC / DC power and wind up also. You don’t have to buy any batteries. It has an LED indicator light which will change from red to green when it is fully charged.

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#3. Aspect Solar EnergyBar 

No need to worry about the power if you are going to any camping or trek or mountaineering because you have the Aspect Solar’s EnergyBar 225. This high capacity portable battery can power up anything from mobile to LED TV. It comes with 225 Watt Hour (lithium) LifePO4 battery. Grab this world’s best, reliable and portable solar power with you.

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#4. Solar Kettle with Temperature Gauge

This portable kettle is a great product to be bagged if anyone is planning for camping. You don’t need any gas or conventional kettles. Just use the light of the sun to get the warm water or boiled eggs or noodles or rice or anything that fits in the tube. It can reach the boiling point of 200 F in less than one hour. This kettle also works where the day is cloudy or there is snow around as it captures the ultraviolet light and holds its heat.

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#5. Goal Zero Rock Out 2 Portable Speaker

Music is must if you are planning for any kind of trip and there is nothing that can beat Goal Zero Rock out a portable speaker. It comes with a lithium battery that you can charge either by sunrays or USB. Its dark bass technology delivers unbeatable high-quality sound.

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#6. Solar Power Animal Repeller

Camping or trek may encounter with wild animals, so it’s better to be prepared. This solar power Animal Repeller uses ultrasonic wave which won’t allow wild animals, such as cats/ dogs/ fox etc., to come near the campsite.

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#7. Solar Power Shower

This can be considered as must item in the checklist for hikers, trekkers. As the name derives, this shower uses solar energy to heat up the water. This comes in the shape of a bag which you can hang at your camp. It can heat up to 5 gallons of water within few hours.

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#8. Solar Power Water Purifier

What if you run out of drinking water while camping. Nothing to worry from now. Just grab this solar power water purifier that uses the solar energy to purify the natural water. Just pour up to 3 liters water into it and place the purifier in the sun and get the purified water.

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#9. Solar Power Bag Pack with Anti Theft

This solar power lifepack is a complete solution to all. It comes with a solar charger that can charge the bag. It also has an integrated retractable lock which keeps your things safe. It also has a built-in rain cover and has Bluetooth speakers. This solar power backpack has a powerbank too.

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#10. Ionic Solar Powered Toothbrush

The solar power toothbrush is very effective toothbrush which you can charge from solar energy or any power source. You don’t need any toothpaste. This toothbrush also reduces the periodontal disease and bleeding gums. Grab it now !!

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Wrapping Up

The options for solar powered camping gears for unique purposes are not much. We tried to come up with some cool and helpful solar powered gears and gadgets that you can use in your camping and outdoor activities so that you would never go low on power while traveling.

We will try to update this post with few more interesting solar powered gears. Until then you can pick a useful gear for your next camping adventure.

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