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Ring Clock

Best Valentine Gifts Ideas For Her

Why is this Ring Clock is a top fashion accessory to match your wardrobe? This Clock Ring is made up of High-quality stainless steel which is highly resistant to rust, corrosion and tarnishing which requires minimal maintenance.

Open Legs Bottle Opener

20 Coolest Bottle Openers You Can Buy For Your Home Bar

A metal art wall mounted funny legs Bottle Opener perfect for white elephant gift ideas or gag gift ideas. This handmade bottle opener is made up of 16 gauge raw steel with a rustic brown finish to go with its vintage look. Easily mounted using 2 screws. Great for home bars, beer coolers, kitchen or man caves.

Flexible Drill Bit Extension

20+ Interestingly Unique Tools You Should Have In Your Toolbox

A must-have tool for any kind of drilling jobs basic or advance. This unique drill bit extension is great for complex drilling jobs to get into tight spots for drilling. You don’t realize just how often you need a helping tool like this, but when you do, you’ll be happy you have it. Can bend, twist and straighten.

Thor Hammer Bottle Opener

20 Coolest Bottle Openers You Can Buy For Your Home Bar

Well, who doesn’t like Marvel characters? This could be a perfect gift for the Thor fan in your life. Set your bottle opening experience to another level by asking help from the Asgardian. A tiny bottle opener which looks just like a real Thor hammer. A Thor hammer ready to crack open your chilled bottles.

Casino Ace Card Bottle Opener

20 Coolest Bottle Openers You Can Buy For Your Home Bar

Following the old saying to “keep an ace up your sleeve” but it comes with a little modification with that Ace. This ace won’t help you out with the real poker game instead it will help you out to pop up the cap of your chilled beer bottle. Casino ace card bottle opener made of stainless steel featuring a hole in the center to pop up chilled beers.

Apple Charging Cable Bracelet

Unique Birthday Gift Ideas For Girlfriend

Look classy while taking out a practical charging cable on you constantly by accessorizing your ensemble for this Apple charging cable bracelet. It comes wrapped in real leather and contains 18 karat gold plated hardware.

Self Adjusting Wrench

Self Adjusting Wrench

Innovative self adjusting wrench tool will amaze you with its functionality. It can easily be adjusted to go with 16 different sizes. Comes with a soft rubber grip for better holding. And offer a lifetime warranty on this product. Hassel free working all you need to do is squeeze and turn it. Perfect gift for your dad the in-house mechanic.

20 Coolest Bottle Openers You Can Buy For Your Home Bar

20 Coolest Bottle Openers You Can Buy For Your Home Bar

Nothing can replace the feeling of having a chilled beer with your close buddies. No need to crack open cold ones with those old boring metal bottle openers. We can’t keep up with everyone’s taste about what makes the best bottle opener, but we do know what makes a cool…

MagnoGrip Magnetic Wristband

Magnetic Wristband

Another clever tool for your fixing job hacks. This Magnogrip magnetic wristband has embedded super strong magnets in it which can easily hold small tools, screws, bolts, nails and more. So in not-so-comfortable positions, you may find it very helpful and you won’t need to fill up your pockets or bend everytime you want to pick small parts or screws.

Samsung Wireless Charger Pad

Unique Valentines Day Gifts Ideas for Boyfriend and Husband

A stylish accessory for your smartphone, now you can charge your smartphone using this Samsung wireless pad. And you can use your smartphone to answering a call or sending a text message during charging without having to unplug your phone from charging pad.