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Dog Shaped Woofer Speakers

Dog Shaped Woofer Speakers

This dog shaped woofer speakers are actually functional speakers and have a high-quality sound system. It’s like an artisan transformed a barking dog into a no-head musical dog with woofer inside it. A coaxial speaker system consisting of 2 dogs.

BoomBarrel Sound System

BoomBarrel sound system

BoomBarrel sound system is made of a real wooden barrel. This vintage barrel turned into a cool looking portable sound system. Compact and lightweight which provides an amazing sound quality indoor and outdoor. Its rechargeable comes with battery charger, audio cable and 200 Watt Amplifier with 7″ Aluminum Woofer.

Floating Bluetooth Speaker

Levitating/Floating Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker

This levitating Bluetooth speaker is no joke. It is way more than just a style statement. It’s cone designed to increase 3D surround effect. Now you can defy the law of gravity with this floating Bluetooth speaker and be like a time traveler in front of your pals.