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Personalized Couples Bracelets

Matching Couples Bracelets: 23+ Unique Matching Bracelets For Couples

These handmade personalized couples bracelets feature a date & Initial of your names. A set of two bracelets in which one initials bracelet which will include two initials with an ampersand or a heart in the middle. Another bracelet will include your memorable date.

Da Vinci Code Cryptex

Unique Birthday Gift Ideas For Girlfriend

The Da Vinci Code Cryptex is really the most fascinating present for your girlfriend. It opens using a password that you set, and you’ll be able to change the password at any moment. Store your notes, poems, jewelry, keys or other valuables. Ideal for sending somebody the most special present. I am sure your girlfriend will enjoy it.

Octopus Hook

Jewelry Hook

Have a tangle-free jewelry organizing with this Octopus hook. Why buy a single hook when you can get more than just one hook in a single wall organizer. This handmade wall organizer has six tentacles which will help you organize your jewelry or other things in an organized and stylish way.

Boxing Glove Necklace

Boxing Glove Necklace

An amazing necklace gift for boxing lovers. Let others know that you can through punches by showing off this cool looking boxing glove necklace. It has both men and women versions. Comes in 3 different colors. Made of stainless steel and Titanium steel.

Six Silver Puzzle Pendant Necklaces

Six Silver Puzzle Pendant Necklaces

Got close friends without which you can never be completed? Surprise them with these amazing Puzzle Pendant Necklaces. These are handmade necklaces made of Argentium silver and silver. It can also be a lovely wedding gift for your bridesmaids, cousins or friends forever.