22 Unique And Creative Ice Cube Trays You Can Buy This Summer

In summers, adding ice cubes to your drinks sometimes don’t work, you know why? Because your ice cubes are old fashioned and in a shape which is so old to catch an eye or brain freezing refreshment.

So to make the ice even cooler we should get along with some creative and cleverly designed ice cube trays and silicone molds. Giving a bit different shape to your ice cubes will sure to make a different level of the drinking experience.

So the best way to cool down this summer is by adding some brain freezing icy touch to your drinks. These creative ice cube trays and molds are even freezer and oven safe. You can make much more out of it then just Ice cubes. Things you can make out of these creative ice cube molds cakes, ice cream, candles, soaps, jelly, and much more!

This can get even more interesting when you have guests over your house or a when you are hosting a party or a dinner at your place.

This is what you were waiting for. To show what you have got and what they have never seen before. By adding different types of cleverly shaped ice cubes in drinks, it will become the hot topic around your guests. Believe me, these creative ice cube trays are the perfect conversation starters.

Unique And Creative Ice Cube Trays You Can Buy This Summer

Here are some of the coolest Ice cube trays that you can buy right now. Get them and enjoy having fun with a collection of unique & creative ice cube shapes in your drinks and beverages. Have a cool summer ahead.

#1. Chillz Ice Ball Maker Mold

No more ice CUBES. Get this cool looking chillz Ice ball tray with flexible silicone body which can mold 4 x 4.5cm ice balls for your drinks and beverages. Round ice balls are proven to last long compared to normal ice cubes. Free non-toxic food grade silicone stacking ice cube trays with lid and FDA approved and dishwasher safe. Get It Here.


#2. Death Star Ice Ball Silicone Mold

For all those Star Wars fans now you can get the death star right in your beverages and drinks. This party theme food grade silicone ice cube mold will make death star-shaped ice cubes to rock your glasses. Heat and cold resistant silicone ice cube tray to make easy ice cream balls or cake for desserts. Get It Here.


#3. Ever After Ice Cube Tray

Add this unique ice cube tray for your kid’s entertainment or as a holiday gift. This food-grade silicone ice cube tray works for both baking and freezing. Multipurpose creative ice cube tray and great for cakes, ice cream, tarts, muffins, candles, soaps, mousses, crayons, Jello-O shots, and more! Dishwasher safe. Get It Here.


#4. Jumbo Ice Cube Silicone Tray

When small ice cubes aren’t enough for your drinks you strictly need this Jumbo size ice cube silicone tray. Make square shape eight 2 inch large ice cubes. FDA approved. Flexible silicone tray won’t crack or break like plastic ice trays. Dishwasher safe. Perfect gift for your alcoholic friend. Get It Here.


#5. 3D Grenade Ice Cube Mold

Make 3D Grenade Ice Cube at home with this cool silicone ice cube mold and add explosion to your guest’s drinks. A perfect party theme ice bomb for your drinks and beverages. Ideal size to fit all kind of glasses. A perfect gift for your military men, boyfriend or husband. It will long last due to its shape and larger size. Get It Here.


#6. Star Wars Silicone Ice Cube Mold

Hell lot of fun for Star Wars party theme, with this set of 8 different Star Wars silicone ice cube molds. This set of unique Star Wars themed ice cube trays will sure to bring a smile to the face of any Star Wars fan. You can mold Darth Vader, Stormtroopers, X¬-Wing fighters, the Millennium Falcon, R2D2, Yoda, and even have Han Solo ice tray, candy, or chocolate. Get It Here.


#7. 3D Skull Ice Cube Tray

Forget that old cube-shaped ice cube trays and try out this creative 3D skull ice cube tray. This flexible silicone ice mold tray will mold your un-shaped ice into a 3D skull shape ice. Great for House Parties, Bars, Restaurants and Holiday Gifts. Enjoy long-lasting skull-shaped ice cubes for your drinks and beverages. Get It Here.


#8. AK47 Bullet Ice Cube Tray

Make sure to add these AK47 Bullets to your next home and office party. This highly creative ice cube tray will make sure to make a killer drink for you by adding real size AK47 Bullet Ice Cubes. These make a great novelty, gag, joke, Father’s Day, or Christmas white elephant gift. This AK47 magazine shaped ice tray will make 12 3D bullet shaped ice cubes. Get It Here.


#9. Diamond Shaped Ice Cube Tray

Show off in front of your friends and party guests by adding diamonds to your drinks. This multipurpose ice cube tray is great for cakes, ice cream, candles, soaps, jelly, and more! It can make 6 perfect diamond shaped ice cubes, easy-to-remove 30 Carat Cubes. Get yours quick, these diamonds aren’t forever! Get It Here.


#10. Space Saving Ice Cube Genie

Is your ice cube trays eating up your most of the freezer’s space? Well, this unique and creative ice cube tray cum bucket will solve this problem for sure. This revolutionary space saving ice cube maker has a capacity of 120 ice cubes. Easy to use just fill water, chill, pop and 120 chilling ice cubes are ready. Can also be used to put a bottle inside it to keep your drink cool. Get It Here.


#11. Cold Fish Ice Cube Tray

A great gift idea for summer parties and koi fish lovers. This unique ice cube tray has the capacity to make 8 fish-shaped ice cubes per freezing. Let the fish play in your drink and make you a cool refreshing icy drink. Get these fish tray and make them swim in your beverages. Get It Here.


#12. Citrus Sippers

This simple looking citrus sipper is actually something you have never seen before. Its a citrus shaped ice cubes tray with a staw. Just fill in the water place staw in the tray and add a drop of lemon and freeze it. Later drop one staw in your tiki cocktail and enjoy your refreshing drink. Get It Here.


#13. LEGO Man Ice Cube Tray

This cool ice cube tray featured LEGO man in it. It’s a flexible silicone LEGO man ice cube tray that makes icy replicas of LEGO man for your drinks and parties. You can also use it to make chocolate LEGO man, candy shaped LEGO man and more food fun. It has a capacity of 8 LEGO mini-figure ice cubes. Dishwasher safe. Get It Here.


#14. United State Map Ice Cube Tray

You think geography is boring. This United State shaped ice cube tray gives you around 40 ways to have icy refreshing beverages. Made of durable silicone and blue in color food-grade ice tray. A perfect gift for kitchen accessories or summer gift. Multipurpose ice tray and can use to bake cakes, ice cream, tarts, candles, soaps and more! Dishwasher free and oven safe. Get It Here.


#15. Gentleman’s Ice Cube Tray

Add gentleman class touch to your party with these cool ice cube tray. Forget serving those old cube-shaped ice cubes and replace them with the fashionable cubes. Add fashion to your beverages by Made of silicone and dishwasher safe. Can also be used for baking purposes. Makes 2 hats, 2 eyeglasses, 2 mustaches, and 2 bowties. Get It Here.


#16. Pineapple Shaped Ice Cube Tray

Satisfy all of your creative need with this pineapple shaped ice cube tray. Works well with both freezing and baking. A perfect gift idea for cocktails, punch, iced coffee, flavored ice and ice cream maker for home and office parties. Adding these tiny pineapples to your drink will add more fun to your drinks and beverages. Get It Here.


#17. Stormtrooper Ice Cube Tray

A great gift idea for Star Wars fans, Stormtrooper ice cube tray to add a geeky touch to your drinks. This flexible silicone tray is heat and cold resistant. Create your own icy Stormtrooper, chocolates, cakes, soaps, and candles shaped like a Stormtrooper helmet. An individual mold will have a size of approx 5 inches by 3 inches. Get It Here.


#18. Ice Sticks Ice cube Tray

With this clever ice sticks tray, you can easily use stick shaped ice cubes into your water bottle. For years we were doing it the wrong way, fitting in the ice cubes into water bottles. But with this ice sticks, ice cube tray adding ice cubes into your plastic bottle was never so easy. Comes in a set of 2 trays blue and aqua. Flexible design with 8 ice sticks capacity per ice cube tray. Dishwasher safe. Get It Here.


#19. Silicone Sphere Ice Mold

A leak-free silicone ice cube mold designed to make large size sphere shaped ice cubes. The sphere size of 2.5 inches and its round shape design makes it melt much slower than other ice cubes. A perfect gift idea for whiskey drinkers and your alcoholic buddies. This set of 2 high-quality leak-proof design makes it makes them perfect for commercial use in restaurants and bars, as well as for house parties and personal use. Get It Here.


#20. 3 Different Skull Shaped Ice Mold

Give your drinks an icy chill with these 3 different skull-shaped ice mold. This single ice mold is featured with 3 incredibly detailed skull shapes to cool your drinks and beverages. Its stackable, sleek design consumes less space in your freezer. These are BPA free and dishwasher safe. Get It Here.


#21. Ice Screams SIlicone Ice Tray

This terrifying ice screams tray is inspired by Edvard Munch’s painting “The Scream”. Each ice cube is the classic rendering of the primal scream face. It seems quite funny when those screaming faces ice cubes are visible inside your drinks. Food safe, dishwasher safe and the ice tray comes in an eye-catching red color. Get It Here.


#22. Brain Freeze Ice Cube Tray

This cleverly designed silicone ice cube mold allows you to make realistic ice cube replicas of a human brain. Add these brain-shaped ice cubes to your guest’s drinks to give them brain freezing refreshment. A single ice cube mold has the capacity to make 4 icy brains. Great gift idea for Halloween gatherings, kids’ birthday parties, gag-gift sessions, and more. Get It Here.

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