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Portable Electric Generator

Best Camping Gears & Gadgets for Your Next Camping Trip

Another compact and multi-utility product, good to be included in your camping essentials. This portable electric generator can convert the heat into the electricity.  In short, you can cook your food and charge your gadget (from phones to fans) at the same time.

Transformer USB Flash Drive

Transformer USB Flash Drive

A unique USB flash drive which can transform into a robotic panther. Make your file storing to a lot more fun with this cool transforming USB drive. Comes with 8GB capacity and support USB interface 2.0. Would make a great gift for Transformer fans, collectors and for your geek friend.

Virtual Infrared Laser Keyboard

12 Cool And Creative Computer Keyboards To Level Up Any Workspace

A small and portable virtual keyboard for any workspace. A high tech functional virtual keyboard which works on a built-in infrared laser projector. Nearly a size of your smartphone this virtual laser keyboard projects a standard size keyboard on the working surface. Makes it perfect to carry around anywhere you go. Adjustable brightness and volume.

Floating Foam WaterMat

Floating Foam WaterMat

Floating foam WaterMat for your ultimate water fun with your family. This WaterMat allows you to walk, jump and slide over water and not just you but your entire family or group. It has slipper sides on both sides and won’t get punctured or burst. Just pull the WaterMat out of the water, wipe it gently and roll it up for storage. Ideal boat or pontoon accessory, extending your play and sunning area!

Extreme Series Roof Top Tent

Best Camping Gears & Gadgets for Your Next Camping Trip

To sleep beneath the blanket of star can’t be compared with anything. This Roof Top tent, outfitted your ride, allows you to view and enjoy the star-filled sky and the wild surrounding of your tent. This tent can fit in 2-3 persons easily. This also has vehicle access door.

Steampunk USB Flash Drive

Unique & Coolest USB Flash Drives

The coolest USB flash drive you can find. A modified steampunk USB drive made of real copper, metal, electron tube, vacuum tube to make a great looking texture with beautiful oxidation. At first look, you won’t believe it’s a USB drive. Support up to USB 3.0 and have a capacity of 16GB to 64GB. It glows when connected to any device.

Army Man Bottle Opener

20 Coolest Bottle Openers You Can Buy For Your Home Bar

Inspired by a toy from our childhood, green army man toy from children’s play time to adults drinking time. Heavy and sturdy made of a durable die-cast metal. A perfect gag gift idea for your army man or for your beer buddy. Pop up your beer bottles with this nostalgic toy & bottle opener.

Chin Supporting Travel Pillow

13 Highly Comfortable And Unique Travel Pillows for Travelers

Different person has different sitting and sleeping postures while traveling. And for your maximum comfort and relaxation here comes to a chin supporting travel pillow, just wrap around your neck and it will support your chin, neck, and head on bumpy roads or plane turbulence. Can also be used while watching TV and reading. Can be adjusted in a way you want to rest your head.