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Camera Lens Coffee Mug

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The Camera Lens coffee mug consists of top quality PVC plastic stuff and stainless steel thermos inside, 100% BPA free, which makes it safe to use for drinking. Not only does this particular camera lens cup be utilized for drinking, but it may also be utilized as a money box, pencil holder, and even more!

Smart Turntable For 360 Images

Smart Turntable For 360 Images

Its an era of photography! Why miss out on the tools that make you a success in it. This smart turntable that creates stunning 360 degrees images will help you capture images like never before. It uses Bluetooth and IR sensors to connect directly to your smartphone and DSLR camera.

Cement Camera Desk Organizer or Plant Pot

Cement Camera Desk Organiser or Plant Pot

This could be a perfect gift idea for your photographer friend or family member. Because this is one thing they must have missed out about camera. This cement camera shaped is actually a plant pot or can also be used as a desk organizer.

Digital Photo Frame

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Keeping the same picture on your photo frame is not bad but what if you can simply shuffle your pictures within that same photo frame. That can be done with this digital photo frame. Easily send your pictures directly to this digital photo frame using your Email or Phone app.

4-in-1 Lens System

4-in-1 Lens System

This 4-in-1 lens system will change the way you take shots on your iPhone. With its 4 different lens options, it gives you a versatile photography experience. No need any additional parts just clips on and clips off your iPhone in seconds.