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Tree Hugger Gear & Supply Cache

Tree Hugger Gear & Supply Cache

This tree hugger gear supply cache is a compact storage system or can say organizer to hang or strap your belongings. It has a number of pockets, straps, and hooks to hold on your camping and fishing stuff. This is an adjustable storage system that can be attached to almost any tree trunk. A must-have camping essential.

Portable Electric Generator

Best Camping Gears & Gadgets for Your Next Camping Trip

Another compact and multi-utility product, good to be included in your camping essentials. This portable electric generator can convert the heat into the electricity.  In short, you can cook your food and charge your gadget (from phones to fans) at the same time.

Army Man Bottle Opener

20 Coolest Bottle Openers You Can Buy For Your Home Bar

Inspired by a toy from our childhood, green army man toy from children’s play time to adults drinking time. Heavy and sturdy made of a durable die-cast metal. A perfect gag gift idea for your army man or for your beer buddy. Pop up your beer bottles with this nostalgic toy & bottle opener.

12-In-1 Camp Scissor

Best Camping Gears & Gadgets for Your Next Camping Trip

Every traveler knows the importance of multi-tools in their backpack. And one out of many camping essentials is a scissor, but getting a 12-in-1 camp scissor is just more than you can ask for camping, backpacking, fishing etc. This travel essential has a blade, screwdriver, magnet, can opener, wrench, fish scaler, nut cracker, Jar wrench, wire stripper, wire cutter, bottle opener and knife.

Bicycle Seat Lock

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No need to carry an extra heavy lock system with your bicycle anymore. Now you can travel around the city with this cleverly designed bicycle seat lock, a seat which can be pulled off the bicycle and converted into a heavy duty one-meter long chain lock.

Millennium Falcon Bottle Opener

20 Coolest Bottle Openers You Can Buy For Your Home Bar

Get wasted using this geeky Star Wars Millennium Falcon bottle opener. A classic design as force awakening. High-quality opener constructed out of Zinc alloy metal. Great gift idea for Star Wars fans and collectors. People who love to drink can always go for it.

Open Legs Bottle Opener

20 Coolest Bottle Openers You Can Buy For Your Home Bar

A metal art wall mounted funny legs Bottle Opener perfect for white elephant gift ideas or gag gift ideas. This handmade bottle opener is made up of 16 gauge raw steel with a rustic brown finish to go with its vintage look. Easily mounted using 2 screws. Great for home bars, beer coolers, kitchen or man caves.

Flexible Drill Bit Extension

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A must-have tool for any kind of drilling jobs basic or advance. This unique drill bit extension is great for complex drilling jobs to get into tight spots for drilling. You don’t realize just how often you need a helping tool like this, but when you do, you’ll be happy you have it. Can bend, twist and straighten.

Thor Hammer Bottle Opener

20 Coolest Bottle Openers You Can Buy For Your Home Bar

Well, who doesn’t like Marvel characters? This could be a perfect gift for the Thor fan in your life. Set your bottle opening experience to another level by asking help from the Asgardian. A tiny bottle opener which looks just like a real Thor hammer. A Thor hammer ready to crack open your chilled bottles.