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Transformer USB Flash Drive

Transformer USB Flash Drive

A unique USB flash drive which can transform into a robotic panther. Make your file storing to a lot more fun with this cool transforming USB drive. Comes with 8GB capacity and support USB interface 2.0. Would make a great gift for Transformer fans, collectors and for your geek friend.

Virtual Infrared Laser Keyboard

12 Cool And Creative Computer Keyboards To Level Up Any Workspace

A small and portable virtual keyboard for any workspace. A high tech functional virtual keyboard which works on a built-in infrared laser projector. Nearly a size of your smartphone this virtual laser keyboard projects a standard size keyboard on the working surface. Makes it perfect to carry around anywhere you go. Adjustable brightness and volume.

Steampunk USB Flash Drive

Unique & Coolest USB Flash Drives

The coolest USB flash drive you can find. A modified steampunk USB drive made of real copper, metal, electron tube, vacuum tube to make a great looking texture with beautiful oxidation. At first look, you won’t believe it’s a USB drive. Support up to USB 3.0 and have a capacity of 16GB to 64GB. It glows when connected to any device.

Game of Thrones Dragon Mug

Game Of Thrones Gift Ideas: Best Collection Of Gift Ideas For GOT Fans

Enjoy your coffee while waiting for Game of Thrones Season 8. This dragon mug with engraved swords on it constructed from top excellent resin with stainless steel lining, individually hand polished and painted. Imagine drinking from the mug with your friends, close relatives, it’ll amaze people around you.

NECA Master Chief Motorcycle Helmet

The 13 Coolest Motorcycle Helmets You Can Wear To Show Off

In the award-winning Halo video games, this detailed replica of Master Chief’s headgear is also a DOT-approved modular bike helmet! This limited edition helmet includes a convenient modular layout with the glove-friendly opening mechanism and a complete list of attributes.

VW BUS USB Flash Drive

Unique & Coolest USB Flash Drives

Inspired by the great Volkswagen T1 bus is actually a Toy car with a USB drive at its back. It also has LED headlight which flashes when it’s connected to the computer or any other USB devices. An officially licensed product by VW. Comes with a capacity of 16 GB. A perfect gift a geek can ask for.

TAP Wearable Keyboard & Mouse

12 Cool And Creative Computer Keyboards To Level Up Any Workspace

Replace your old computer keyboard and mouse with TAP a wireless wearable keyboard, mouse and game controller. It let your fingers control and communicate with the digital world. Just by tapping your fingers and moving your thumb, you can write characters and give commends to any Bluetooth device.

Millennium Falcon Bottle Opener

20 Coolest Bottle Openers You Can Buy For Your Home Bar

Get wasted using this geeky Star Wars Millennium Falcon bottle opener. A classic design as force awakening. High-quality opener constructed out of Zinc alloy metal. Great gift idea for Star Wars fans and collectors. People who love to drink can always go for it.

Eco-Dark Rubik’s Cube

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If you are a fan of the DC universe you are going to love this thing. Eco-Dark Rubik’s Cube is a savior for those who are not into stickers and colors. Get the darker side of your brain unleashed through this environment-friendly Rubik’s cube that is completely black.