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Mini Keyboard With Touchpad

12 Cool And Creative Computer Keyboards To Level Up Any Workspace

Another innovative computer keyboard for setting up a workstation on the go. It connects with all devices via Bluetooth and has a touchpad on its right side corner. Multi-touchpad and ScrollBar – allows for scrolling, screen flip, mouse click and Smartphone. Portable with a rechargeable battery. Also, have a backlight for convenient typing in low light.

Micro USB Ring

Unique & Coolest USB Flash Drives

A cool handmade ring with a micro USB in it made of silver and wood. This 32GB or 64GB micro USB can be removed or attached anytime you want and fits just perfectly with the ring. The Micro USB ring can be customized with the given wooden options. The ring outer side is covered with a silver layer 925, as well as the capsule of the memory.

Novelty Revolver Gun USB Drive

Unique & Coolest USB Flash Drives

What is better than combining men’s love of guns and computing with this realistic metal revolver gun USB flash drive? Strong metal texture and durable useful life. Support all famous OS. High-speed transfer with 2.0 USB and available in 8GB to 64GB capacity. Will easy fit with any pocket and makes a perfect gift idea for someone who is crazy about Guns.

Washable Keyboard

12 Cool And Creative Computer Keyboards To Level Up Any Workspace

How cool is that a computer keyboard which can be washed or submerged? Accidental coffee spill or food won’t be a problem with this washable keyboard. This waterproof and washable keyboard with ultra-durability can let you do typing in the bathtub. Standard size keyboard with a clean contemporary design.

Mini Camera USB Flash Drive

Unique & Coolest USB Flash Drives

Now storing your pictures and other multimedia files will be more fun with this mini camera USB drive. Its creative shape makes it distinguishable from everyone else’s flash drive. Comes in a cool mini camera shape with 16GB capacity and high speed 2.0 USB. Made of PVC rubber; soft and durable. A perfect gift for a photographer friend in your life.

Split Ergonomic Keyboard

12 Cool And Creative Computer Keyboards To Level Up Any Workspace

A uniquely modern design computer keyboard with an amazingly comfortable feel. The split keyboard layout to help position the wrists and forearms in a natural, relaxed position. Also featured a cushioned palm rest to provide wrist support, and a domed keyboard shape to reduce wrist pronation. The separate number pad provides more flexibility for your workspace setup.

Waterproof Metal USB Sticks

Unique & Coolest USB Flash Drives

Simple and sleek design with a set of 2 x 32GB waterproof metal USB flash drives. Comes in two colors Black and Silver for better organization of your work and entertainment. Compatible with 3.0 USB ports. With its ring-shaped back makes it keychain attachable.

Arm Guard With Wireless Wrist Keyboard

12 Cool And Creative Computer Keyboards To Level Up Any Workspace

A remarkable handmade arm guard with a wireless wrist keyboard which is also functional. 3-in-1 multimedia wireless keyboard (Keyboard, TouchPad, Laser Pointer). Control your media while sitting on the sofa or lounging in bed, up to 100 feet away. Comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery for faster charging. Support Windows, OS X and Linux.

Marvel Groot USB Charger

Unique Gift Ideas For The GROOT Fanatic In Your Life

This tiny cute looking Groot will Groove in the cutest way whenever you plugged in and turned it on. Featuring 2 USB charging ports at 2.1A. This baby Groot USB charger will keep on dancing around while he charges your phone and other supported devices. Bring it today and dance with him.