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Programmable Keyboard

12 Cool And Creative Computer Keyboards To Level Up Any Workspace

A customizable control panel with 80 keys compact design. A singlehanded programmable keyboard and controls which provide you reliable computer input hardware experience. Perfect for providing mission-critical controls with unparalleled support. Clear key lenses to customize keyboard buttons with pre-printed icons as per your need. Add or remove keys, blockers, and large keys to create an intuitive layout for your workflow. Support both Windows and OS X.

Virtual Infrared Laser Keyboard

12 Cool And Creative Computer Keyboards To Level Up Any Workspace

A small and portable virtual keyboard for any workspace. A high tech functional virtual keyboard which works on a built-in infrared laser projector. Nearly a size of your smartphone this virtual laser keyboard projects a standard size keyboard on the working surface. Makes it perfect to carry around anywhere you go. Adjustable brightness and volume.

Engraved Photo On Wood

Engraved Photo On Wood

Has your custom made photograph printed on a basswood, without any openings or margins? With this engraved photo on wood, your picture becomes an essential component of the timber, making sure it will endure the test of time. The pure wood shows throughout the picture to get a gorgeous, rustic, and “worn” look. It’s said that timber components inside your house can bring balance to an area and lifestyle.

Father’s Day Matching Groot T-shirt

Unique Gift Ideas For The GROOT Fanatic In Your Life

Cheer up your father on this Father’s day by gifting this cool father’s day gift idea which includes a matching Groot t-shirt for father and son. The Groot t-shirt set includes “I am little Groot” and “I am Groot”. Available in many different colors and customizable sizes. Wear it an be the Groot.

Bicycle Seat Lock

Unique Gifts For Cyclists: 21 Cool Gift Ideas For Bicycle Fanatics

No need to carry an extra heavy lock system with your bicycle anymore. Now you can travel around the city with this cleverly designed bicycle seat lock, a seat which can be pulled off the bicycle and converted into a heavy duty one-meter long chain lock.

Self Adjusting Wrench

Self Adjusting Wrench

Innovative self adjusting wrench tool will amaze you with its functionality. It can easily be adjusted to go with 16 different sizes. Comes with a soft rubber grip for better holding. And offer a lifetime warranty on this product. Hassel free working all you need to do is squeeze and turn it. Perfect gift for your dad the in-house mechanic.

Digital Measuring eTape

20+ Interestingly Unique Tools You Should Have In Your Toolbox

There will be no human error when this digital measuring tape is there. It displays an accurate reading on its digital screen which can be set to US/Metric Conversion. This product is rugged, durable, weather resistant and made of polycarbonate plastic with a larger digital display screen. It also has 3 memory function in it; short-term measurement memory and 2 long-term memories.