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Dolphin Diving Machine

Cool Water Sports Gadgets For Your Summer Vacation

Step right into the abdomen of a motorized dolphin shaped boat to get an excellent cruising experience every time you hit the waves. This cool water sports gadget can make even real dolphins drool over your skills and maybe you can end up making a small fan club underwater.

Skull Shaped Egg Mold

13 Most Creative Egg Molds For Fried And Boiled Eggs To Make Breakfast More Fun

Get ready to make your Halloween themed snacks with this skull egg mold. Very easy to use first peel off the outside shell of a hard-boiled egg and placed it inside this skull egg mold. Close the egg mold and it will turn it into an eerie white skull. A cool gag gift to amaze your friends and family. Kids will surprise to find it in their lunch box.

Water Bottle Diversion Safe

Creative Diversion Safe Designs To Hide Your Valuables in Plain Sight

A stainless steel functional water bottle with a diversion safe in the bottom of the bottle to hide and store your valuable things in its can safe. Just place it in your kitchen cupboard or in your car cup holder and no one will ever give a thought it as a secret safe. You can use it as an actual drinking bottle and holds the 16oz capacity of water with inside safe stash of 2.5 inches deep.

Oh Shit Not You Again Doormat

Funny Doormats To Welcome Your Guests

There are always some friends that you would want to say those word to “Oh Shit Not You Again”. This funny doormat will get a good laugh out of your friends when they come over but it would be better to hide it before your mother in law shows up. Durable and available in two sizes. Both machine wash and hand wash is fine.

Fake Human Arms

Fake Human Arms

A fun prop for Halloween. These fake human arms are realistic enough to scare the neighborhood kids. One of the most lifelike arms for pranks or Halloween decoration. A perfect pair to play a joke with your friends or be placed somewhere to scare random people.



World’s Best TRAVEL JACKET with 25 features. No need to carry around a list of things, this one got you cover with all those basic stuff you may need while traveling on air or on roads. Travel smart with this travel jacket that comes with a built-in neck travel pillow, eye mask, gloves, blanket, footrest, bottle, and much more.

Eyeballs Halloween Prop

Eyeballs Halloween Prop

Got some gross Halloween decoration ideas? Well, you need to try these eyeballs Halloween prop. These plastic made eyeballs looks so realistic and are the exact size of real eyeballs. Comes in a set of 4 pairs of eyes with 4 different eye shades. Custom paint them to give them scary look.