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Retro Jumbo Flip Clock

Retro Jumbo Flip Clock

Add a retro feel to your wall clock with this retro jumbo flip clock. This novelty desktop flip clock is a true eye-catcher. Morning and evening hours are distinguished with an AM or PM printed on the hour panel. This will sure to give retro look to your home or office.

Shot Glass Ice Mold

Shot Glass Ice Mold

Nothing can be cooler than a shot glass made of ice. Warm shots suck, chill out with these icy shot glasses and make every shot count. Make your own shot glasses at home made of no glass but ice only. Fill up the ice mold with water and freeze it to get your 4 shot glasses ready for your next shots.

Dinosaur Corn Holder

12 Unique Corn Cob Holders For Your Outdoor Kitchen

With Rocko the Dinosaur Corn Holder watch corn on the cob, messes go extinct. He will protect your hands from hot corn cobs and melting butter. Made from porcelain and stainless steel. Great gift idea for your BBQs parties and outdoor picnics. Kids, grill enthusiasts, and history lovers would like to steal it from your kitchen.

Hydrofoil Water Bicycle

Cool Water Sports Gadgets For Your Summer Vacation

Water Sports is not always about thrills, and there may be one odd day where you feel like “chilling out” in the sea without creating too much of fuss. This Hydrofoil Water Bicycle is one such cool water sports equipment that allows you to experience the serenity and calmness of the sea without making too much noise.

Fanny Piggy Bank

Unique & Creative Piggy Banks For Kids And Adults

A unique funny piggy bank that comes in the shape of fanny. This funny gag gift could be a great white elephant gift idea. The piggy bank has a coin slot right in the middle of the fanny. Every time you put a coin in the slot it makes a fart noise.

Marble Cutting Board

Unique Cutting Board Designs For Your Cooking & Kitchen Decor

Bored of checking out wooden cutting boards? This Marble cutting board is mildew-proof mildew-resistant, safer and healthier for cooking. This high-quality marble board makes your kitchen fashionable and modern. Highly durable and anti-slip. Available in 3 different sizes.

Giant Strawberry Seeds

Giant Strawberry Seeds

Who doesn’t like homegrown red juicy strawberries? And what if I tell you these seeds will produce giant strawberries as huge as apples. The seeds are water hardy and organic and will give you a good supply of seeds in their season. Now no more going to the supermarket to find your favorite fruit, you have it in your own garden!

Lumen Tree Oil Lamp

Lumen Tree Oil Lamp

Lumen Tree Oil Lamp is a series of stainless steel, oil lamp shadow projectors. A stainless steel body with a polyethylene base for delicate surfaces. When lit, LUMEN throws a soft shadow on the wall. The farther LUMEN is from the wall, the larger the cast shadow.

Tribord Easybreath Snorkel Mask

Tribord Easybreath Full Face Snorkeling Mask

If you desire an uninterrupted underwater expedition without being worried about your safety, Tribord Easybreath Full Face Snorkeling Mask is what you are looking for. This Full Face Snorkel Mask hits high on comfort and low on the cost to provide you with an excellent experience. It’s anti-fog feature coupled with a camera mount, and secure lock certainly makes it the best mask for snorkeling.