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Citrus Sippers Ice Cube

22+ Unique And Creative Ice Cube Trays You Can Buy This Summer

This simple looking citrus sipper is actually something you have never seen before. Its a citrus shaped ice cubes tray with a staw. Just fill in the water place staw in the tray and add a drop of lemon and freeze it. Later drop one staw in your tiki cocktail and enjoy your refreshing drink.

Star Wars Wine Stoppers

Unique Wine Stoppers To Preserve Your Best Bottles On This Holiday Season

Irrespective of whether you love or hate the mighty Darth Vader, this unique range of Star War themed Wine stopper is a must have for any Star Wars Fan. This range of cool wine bottle stoppers come in various Star Wars shaped characters which makes it trendy and exciting at the same time.

Smiley Face Egg Mold

13 Most Creative Egg Molds For Fried And Boiled Eggs To Make Breakfast More Fun

What can be better than having breakfast with a smiley face on your plate? This cute looking Smiley Face Egg Mold can be used to give smiley face shape to your fried eggs, pancakes and much more. You may need two eggs to make a perfectly shaped smiley face. A helpful tool to add more fun to your party snacks.

Ice Screams Ice Tray

Ice Screams Ice Tray

This terrifying ice screams Ice tray is inspired by Edvard Munch’s painting “The Scream”. Each ice cube is the classic rendering of the primal scream face. It seems quite funny when those screaming faces ice cubes are visible inside your drinks. Food safe, dishwasher safe and the ice tray comes in an eye-catching red color.

Test Tube Tea Infuser

Most Cool and Creative Tea Infusers For Tea Lovers

The most elegant and eminently functional test tube tea infuser. Have 4 slender slits on the side that allow water to seep in. Comes with a clever design for easy use. Just fill up your tube infuser, put it inside your cup and wait while it infuses your tea blend flavors. Enjoy your brew!

Beer Mug With Bottle Opener

20 Coolest Bottle Openers You Can Buy For Your Home Bar

A beer mug with a bottle opener a perfect gift for a true beer lover. This Beer Mug With Bottle Opener features a traditional diamond cut pattern at its base and a solid stainless steel bottle opener at the bottom of the glass with a magnet so that bottle caps won’t fly away when you pop up a cold one.

Knife Sharpener

20+ Interestingly Unique Tools You Should Have In Your Toolbox

This knife sharpener tool offers two stages of sharpening for all types of knives, everything from everyday pocket knives to the finest custom sporting goods knives. Featuring high-quality carbide blades for quick edge setting on very dull or damaged blades.

Joie Corn Star Corn Holders

12 Unique Corn Cob Holders For Your Outdoor Kitchen

Hold your corn like a real star with Joie corn star. Its 18/8 Stainless steel prongs and BPA-free plastic handles keep fingers cleaner and safe from hot corn. Simply insert the corn holder into each side of the corn cob and make corn eating more fun and less messy.