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SPARE Lightbulbs Table Lamp

Unique Table Lamps Table Lamps You Can Buy Right Away

If you’re looking for a unique table lamp then go for this one. One light-bulb turns on, another light-bulb is a lampshade, diffusing and dispersing the light. The burning bulbs will light another bulb. After the bulb is burnt out: just twist the lamp-holder to another bulb.

Curved Cauldron Table Lamp

Unique Table Lamps Table Lamps You Can Buy Right Away

A mysterious & black Curved Cauldron Table Lamp made by Young & Battaglia. This mid-range table lamp is magnificent in its simplicity yet takes it’s inspiration in the cooking pots and storage containers of the vintage era. Perfect curves combined with brightly colored smoky black glass produce a really magical product.

Fossil Q Women’s Gen 3 Smartwatch

Unique Birthday Gift Ideas For Girlfriend

If your girlfriend loves gadgets then gift her this amazing Fossil smartwatch. Stay connected with Display touchscreen and notifications performance for calls, texts, emails, and program upgrades. Wear OS by Google joins your smartphone with Bluetooth technology, which means that you can keep on top of what is happening on the planet.

Ring Clock

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Why is this Ring Clock is a top fashion accessory to match your wardrobe? This Clock Ring is made up of High-quality stainless steel which is highly resistant to rust, corrosion and tarnishing which requires minimal maintenance.

Geometric Table Lamp

Geometric Table Lamp

Get this handmade contemporary geometric touch to your room with this specific truncated icosahedron desk lamp. Handcrafted from 1/4″ steel and powder coated to distinct colors, it is going to add style and light up your home decor. Comes with three different bulb choices.

Wooden Log Table Lamp

Unique Table Lamps Table Lamps You Can Buy Right Away

A ‘slice’ of a real wooden log, which is carefully hollowed out the middle by hand to ensure it is possible to set up those LEDs and also make it into eye-catching, but also bright and functional light. This really does just seem like a piece of wood till it lights up!

DESKi 2D/3D LED Lamp

DESKi 2D-3D LED Lamp

DESKi 2D-3D LED lamp a highly innovative and creative desk lamp by Studio Cheha. The Tel Aviv-based design studio has made a lineup of 2D/3D LED lamps which resemble translucent three-dimensional lighting throughout using a clever optical illusion. Could be a perfect show-off desk lamp in front of your guests and friends.

Foldable Book Light

Foldable Book Light

It’s a book-shaped lamp comes with LED lighting. Just open the book and the light turns on; once you close the book, the light will turn off. Soft LED lighting can make your living space, bedrooms and dining area feel comfy and cozy. USB rechargeable with 8 hours of backup. Can carry in your luggage like a novel.