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Porcupine Shaped Pen Holder

Awesomely Unique Desk Organizers That'll Re-Energize Your Workplace

It’s time to get your facts about porcupine right. Still scared of the little beast but have a liking for it somewhere deep in your heart? Why not bring a porcupine shaped pen holder to your workplace. It’s a unique pen holder that looks exactly like a porcupine once you fill it back with pencils.

Handmade Pumpkin Soap

Handmade Pumpkin Soap

Is Pumpkin comes in your list of favorites? If yes, then this pumpkin soap is something you should never let skip your shopping cart. Each bar is wrapped in pumpkin orange paper and an ivory ribbon. This cold process soap bar is scented with top notes of citrus and leads to middle notes of creamy pumpkin and hints of nutmeg and ginger.

Elephant Wine Bottle Stopper

Unique Wine Stoppers To Preserve Your Best Bottles On This Holiday Season

If elegance is taste and class is your charm, this cool wine bottle stopper is exclusively for you. This silver finished elephant wine bottle stopper can put any of your rival friends to shame with its unique finishing and perfect looks. The stopper is made up of stainless steel with a glossy top and durable lower portion.

Micro USB Ring

Unique & Coolest USB Flash Drives

A cool handmade ring with a micro USB in it made of silver and wood. This 32GB or 64GB micro USB can be removed or attached anytime you want and fits just perfectly with the ring. The Micro USB ring can be customized with the given wooden options. The ring outer side is covered with a silver layer 925, as well as the capsule of the memory.

Real Wood Baby Groot

Unique Gift Ideas For The GROOT Fanatic In Your Life

This one is the real wood 3D printed Baby Groot which will attract every eye when placed on your home or office desk. And for fans Guardians of the Galaxy, this will be a perfect gift they would sure to scream for. Comes with 4 variations finished, unfinished, with base and without a base to sit him on.

Beauty and Beast Couple Bracelet

Matching Couples Bracelets: 18+ Unique Matching Bracelets For Couples

If you’re searching for matching bracelets for girlfriend and boyfriend that adore the old-time Disney classics, then go for it. One bracelet for your Beauty, yet another one for the beast. This bracelet is gorgeous! It’s a kind of gift to make sure your partner is going to be blown away

Whale Tail Couple Bracelet

Matching Couples Bracelets: 18+ Unique Matching Bracelets For Couples

Whale Tail Couple Bracelet using whale tail hook into a rustic design leather bracelet. A great piece to wear for him or for her. This bracelet looks so classy and beautiful. Whale tail bracelets are an ideal gift for your better half The whale tail also symbolizes wisdom, spiritual awareness and good luck.

Kran Adjustable Wooden Lamp

Kran Adjustable Wooden Lamp

This is not any normal desk lamp! This lamp has its own body and limbs and a genius brainy mind. You’re able to play the Kran’s arrangement and fix its arms, altering the height and direction of the light directly where you want it. guess, what’s even more inspirational? You’ll have fun figuring out how to correct it so that you can light up your desk, ceiling or wall.