Sudoku Puzzle Toilet Paper

Novelty Sudoku Puzzle Toilet Paper Game Roll

When you are bored on the loo, Solve a Sudoku. It’s not necessary that every toilet games should have a physical kick in it. Sometimes it’s better you go with the mental exertion. By adding sudoku to your bathroom your guests will sure to take more time at the loo. It is also possible that your toilet paper could get smuggled into pieces by your guests.

Potty Piano

Hilarious Potty Piano

Ready to start your one-man bathroom band? Drop your potty boredom with this Hilarious Potty Piano. Great fun gift for any age to play jingle while you take a tinkle. The Potty Piano fits perfectly around the base of the toilet seat. Comes with a songbook to let you improve your performance while your potty time.

Toilet Time Golf Game

Toilet Time Golf Game

Why waste time browsing on the phone everytime you hit the bathroom. Practice new skills next time you sit there after you buy this potty puter toilet time golf game. Or gift this product to your golfer friend who can never get enough of this game. Unwrapping this gift will surely blow off his mind.