Cutting Board With Scrap Bin

Unique Cutting Board Designs For Your Cooking & Kitchen Decor

This cutting board makes the job done in a creative way. Provides you with some extra space and its L shaped edge design fit over counters to gives you great balance and stability. Also features a removable scarp bin to ensure vegetable juices or veggie scrap does not fall on the floor. Can also collapse for easy storage.

GUY Face Egg Mold

GUY Face Egg Mold

Your breakfast buddy is here. A high-quality food grade silicone guy face egg mold to make creative fried eggs to serve. A perfect gift to arouse the child’s appetite to eat breakfast. Can also be used to make pancakes and other food arts.

Cow Corn Holders

12 Unique Corn Cob Holders For Your Outdoor Kitchen

With these cows, corn holders put the fun into eating corn off the cob. A single pack can make you 4 cows by joining the corn in the middle of the moo end and the swish end. Each corn holder comes with stainless steel prongs to hold it securely and keep your hands clean while you enjoy eating the corn.

50 Cal BMG Bullet Corn Cob Skewer

12 Unique Corn Cob Holders For Your Outdoor Kitchen

This corn cob skewer will sure to take your corn digging to another level. No more corn eating like a kid. Try these big folk’s utensils to add more fun to your corn eating. Made of a real 50 Cal BMG brass casings. Rounded handles will have you ripping through the corn like nobody’s business. Help prevent corn juice from getting on your hands.

Octopus Bottle Opener

20 Coolest Bottle Openers You Can Buy For Your Home Bar

A great piece of artwork with a purpose to pop up your beer bottles. What a fun! A cool octopus bottle opener to place in your kitchen, a perfect conversation starter. A handmade constructed out of cold cast alloy with stainless steel which makes it more detailing. Can get mounted to your kitchen walls to get all the eyes on it.

Skull Shaped Egg Mold

13 Most Creative Egg Molds For Fried And Boiled Eggs To Make Breakfast More Fun

Get ready to make your Halloween themed snacks with this skull egg mold. Very easy to use first peel off the outside shell of a hard-boiled egg and placed it inside this skull egg mold. Close the egg mold and it will turn it into an eerie white skull. A cool gag gift to amaze your friends and family. Kids will surprise to find it in their lunch box.

Bamboo Cutting Board With Mats

Unique Cutting Board Designs For Your Cooking & Kitchen Decor

A cutting board with 7 brightly color-coded cutting mats that helps you to clean up easily and prevent cut marks while cutting fruits, vegetables, meat, cheese, etc. These colorful cutting mats can also be used to serve prepared food on it. The board has non slip silicone feet to prevent the board from slipping.