BEAR Paw Oven Mitts


Your baker friend is going to love this gift. These bear paw oven mitts are made of insulated cotton that will not only bring protection but also style to your baker friend. It is made out of heat-resistant silicone that lets you handle hot food easily. Why not combine fun with functionality with these claw-shaped oven mitts.

The Ultimate Travel Dress

Ultimate Travel Dress

Now free yourself from packing those loads of clothes while traveling. Try this Kameleon ultimate travel dress which can be worn as 20 different outfits. Made from quick-drying, non-creasing, breathable fabric that packs up small for travel. Available in 4 different colors.

Digital Photo Frame

Gifts For Dad: 20+ Amazing Gift Ideas Your Father Would Love To Have

Keeping the same picture on your photo frame is not bad but what if you can simply shuffle your pictures within that same photo frame. That can be done with this digital photo frame. Easily send your pictures directly to this digital photo frame using your Email or Phone app.