Solar Shower

10 Best Solar Powered Gears for Outdoor and Camping Activities

This can be considered as must item in the checklist for hikers, trekkers. As the name derives, this shower uses solar energy to heat up the water. This comes in the shape of a bag which you can hang at your camp. It can heat up to 5 gallons of water within a few hours.

Body Launching Inflatable

Body Launching Inflatable

Never experienced the rocket launching? Well, skip that rocket launching idea and try out this body launching inflatable to add more fun to your watery sports. This cool accessory launches a person sitting on its surface into the air when another person jumps onto the other side of the inflatable.

Swedish Fire Torch Log Grill

Best Camping Gears & Gadgets for Your Next Camping Trip

Prepare your meal on this Swedish log stove top even in the remote places.  The design of this grill have a raised, flat cooking surface and nonstop heat flaming up underneath, once you set it up.  It’s lightweight, portable and compact.