17 Unique And Cool Backpacks For Adults & Grownups

Everyone has different tastes about things and different kinds of obsessions especially when it’s about materialistic obsession. Everyone has different likes and dislikes. Some have an obsession with wearing cool watches, some have an obsession with solving hardest puzzles, the same way some have an obsession with carrying cool backpacks.

Are you still missing your last favorite backpack? Which was cool enough to carry it around everywhere. After losing your favorite backpack you end up having a lame backpack which is not so cool and you don’t like it to carry it everywhere you go.

But why so? Can you tell me what could be the reason? Got NO answer!

Let me guess why you don’t like your current backpack and still missing your least favorite one. There could be plenty of reasons such as your current backpack lack the coolest features, it’s not a unique backpack, your backpack is not the unusual one, it’s not high-tech, it’s not so stylish and it’s not the one people ask you about.

So why not get the one that makes you the talk among your friend circle or the one who carries the style with him/her.

17 Unique And Cool Backpacks For Adults & Grownups

Just browse through my list of 17 unique and coolest backpacks for adults that will make you the style icon.

#1. Bobby Anti-Theft Backpack

Stack all your valuables into this cool backpack and now roam around freely anywhere in the world without being concerned about your stuff in this cool backpack. With Bobby Anti-Theft Backpack, you can bid farewell to your travel worries and use Bobby Anti Theft high-tech bag pack to enjoy your trips in a cool manner. Find it here.


#2. Skateboard Shoulder Backpack

Carry wheels on your back while they are not on the ground with this cool and unique backpack. Skateboard Shoulder Backpack is a multipurpose backpack that can comfortably accommodate skateboards along with your daily need items. Find it here.


#3. The Undercover Backpack

Why hide your assets when you got everything covered? This cool backpack allows you to bare it all without getting noticed by even the cringiest of eyeballs. The undercover Backpack is a multipurpose backpack that allows you to change your clothes in a public place without any chagrin. Find it here.


#4. Dragon Backpack

Time for the world to show you some respect and what better than a fire-breathing dragon on your back can help you to earn that? While to some, Dragon Backpack may look like an unusual backpack, this product is probably one of the most popular bag packs that you can get. Find it here.


#5. Scooter Backpack

Vroom your way through heavy or mild traffic without worrying about your stuff with this scooter backpack. This cool backpack for adults is not only trendy but is pretty high on utility as well. It’s an awesome backpack that never goes out of trend and keeps grabbing eyeballs wherever it goes. Find it here.


#6. Pangolin Backpack

Flaunt your back in style and make every X-Men freak drool over this unusual backpack that has the back of a pangolin backpack. This cool backpack has already made its Hollywood debut in the X-Men franchise, and it’s time for you to take this stylish backpack to a whole new level in your way. Find it here.


#7. BioDomes Backpack

Touch me at your own risk for I have got some severe spikes on my backpack. That’s what biodomes backpack is all about. Catch the attention of all the subway people with this trendy backpack that makes a style statement of its own. This cool backpack is undoubtedly one of the funniest backpacks in the market for its reasons. Find it here.


#8. Solar Backpack Charger Backpack

Now charge your electrical appliances while you are on the go without worrying about getting shocked. Solar Backpack Charger Backpack is a high-tech backpack that comes with a built-in solar charger that can charge multiple devices inside your bag at the same time. So why roam with wires when you got sun powering you. Find it here.


#9. Motorcycle Travel Backpack

Allow that cool breeze hug your face and give your helmet a rest without any trouble with this awesome backpack. This trendy backpack is high on utility and low on weight. Motorcycle Travel Backpack is easy to carry a backpack that comes with awesome pouches that can quickly move your heavy stuff like your helmet and laptop with ease. Find it here.


#10. Foldable Chair Backpack

Give your butt a piece of mind while you are on the move with this cool backpack. This unique backpack comes with an attached foldable chair assembly that allows its user to rest whenever and wherever he wants. A Foldable Chair Backpack is a must-have cool backpack for travel freaks all over the world. Find it here.


#11. Electric Backpack

Electric Backpack is an average looking backpack with shockingly awesome features. This high-tech backpack can give all the existing wannabe cool bag packs a big setback. This cool backpack not only allows its user to keep all his electronic gadgets at one place safely but also supports mobility with its sturdy wheels that can take you anywhere with ease. Find it here.


#12. Owl Backpack

Owls never go out of fashion and to all girls out there, time to give your stalkers a real scare with this freaky owl bag. This mini owl backpack is one of the most popular bag packs that exist in the market. Its thin material and sleek design can give any Jimmy Choo article a run for its money. Find it here.


#13. Lowerpro Whisper’s Professional Camera Backpack

You don’t want your beloved DSLR to get hurt when it contains all those great pics inside its belly. Lowerpro Whisper’s professional camera backpack is a unique backpack that ensures that your camera remains protected. This high-tech backpack comes with multiple pockets crafted exceptionally to accommodate the camera and its different lenses. Find it here.


#14. Ninja Turtles Backpack

Show your alliance to the bone smashing Ninja turtles with this cool backpack for kids. With a shell as hard as any turtle’s, this unique Ninja Turtle backpack gives its owner a bright personality. You can camouflage within a herd of turtles without being noticed for sure. Find it here.


#15. Tactical 4 Pistol Backpack

Get your bond mode on with this fantastic pistol backpack. This cool backpack is high on looks as well as utility. The cool backpack comes with housing to accommodate four different kinds of pistols that make it a must-have for security guys. Find it here.


#16. Solid Gray Backpack

Don’t just roam while you wander outskirts, because it’s time to fly with this lightweight backpack. The backpack looks distinctly out of space and makes you feel super light even if you stuff it to its capacity. This stylish backpack is a must-have for folks who spend most of their time outskirts. Find it here.


#17. Ironman LED Backpack

Time to reveal your inner Iron Man through your back with this cool backpack for kids. This stylish backpack has in build LED lights and comes in the shape of an iron man’s helmet. This cool Ironman LED Backpack has marvelous perks of its own and is a must-have for school goers. Find it here.

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