Unique Gifts For Cyclists: 21 Cool Gift Ideas For Bicycle Fanatics

You must have a biker/cyclist in your life. What is more fun than gifting someone which is truly desirable to them? We have created this guide of unique gift ideas for cyclists. And we made it sure that the listed gifts won’t eat up your savings.

This post is dedicated to those pedal pushers who spend countless hours on their bikes and ride through thousands of miles distance every year. This unique list of gifts for cyclists will sure to make them smile and enjoy their next bicycle ride even more.

21 Cool Gift Ideas For Bicycle Fanatics

Here you’ll find unique gifts for cyclists such as tex-lock, foldable helmet, bike tail lights, multi-purpose tools for any situations and more amazing and cool gifts.


#1. Intelligent Bike Helmet

Intelligent Bike Helmet

Experience safer cycling with this Intelligent bike helmet a perfect dose of security with style. It can detect approaching cars in your blind spot, its intuitive turn signals can read your gestures signals. Brake lights turn on automatically when you reduce speed or power break. And can also access and share videos. Get it Here.

#2. Bike Lane Light

Bike Lane Light

Reduce the risk of getting hit by fast encroaching cars at night on roads with poor visibility. This laser bike lane light can attach your bike and will display bright red lights on both sides of your bike to indicate the approaching vehicles from behind. Visible at up to 1 mile in distance. Get it Here.

#3. Rechargeable Bike HeadLight

Cyclist safty is a must. Make yourself visible to motorists at dark nights with this easy rechargeable bike headlight. Emits a powerful light of 500 lumens for better safety at dark. Can be recharged via USB port. Also comes with 6 different lighting modes for day and night safety. Get it Here.

#4. GoPro HERO5 Black

A perfect electronic gift for any kind of adventure and sports activities. Making its way to the essential sports gadget with its stunning 4K video and 12MP photos in Single, Burst and Time Lapse modes. Highly durable for all weather conditions and is waterproof. Get it Here.

#5. Interchangeable Hex Wrench System

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This miniinche wrench system comes with 10 useful wrench heads that can be interchanged. The base handle for the wrench heads can fit in up to 5 wrench heads at a time. You can swap heads with ease anytime anywhere. This cleaver portable wrench system function in a cool way. Get it Here.

#6. Rechargeable Bicycle Tail Light

Keep your loved ones safe with this ultra bright bicycle tail light which can be recharged using USB ports. Its 260 degree wide angle visual design makes it more visible to motorists. It is actually brighter than a car rear light and has a daytime light mode. Ready for all weather conditions. Get it Here.

#7. Smartphone Bike Mount

Install this smartphone bike mount to your bike and avoid dropping your phone while navigating action selfie, or a having an adventurous ride. Easy to attach any kind of handlebar and navigate through your way to the desired destination. Get it Here.

#8. Crank Brothers Multi Bicycle Tool

There are times when your bicycle needs a fix in the middle of nowhere. Getting a mechanic in the middle of nowhere isn’t possible. But carrying this handy multi bicycle tool with you could solve your problem. Includes 19 tools in one with a tool flask, screwdrivers, wrench and a universal Chain Tool. Get it Here.

#9. Foldable Bicycle Helmet

It’s more than just a helmet. Its super light, strong and sleek. Perfectly designed especially for CitiBike riders. Its streamlined vents for cooling and allow you the maximum breathability. The foldable design of FEND helmet makes it backpack friendly. Just fold it and slip it inside your bag. Get it Here.

#10. 3-Bike Trunk Mount Rack

A perfect combination of form and function. Carry your bikes anywhere you go. Bike trunk mount rack with arc-based design to fits most of the cars and can serve to carry 3 bikes(35lbs/bike). One of the strongest frame on the market with non-rusting materials. Get it Here.

#11. Waterproof Socks

Waterproof Socks

These waterproof socks let your feet enjoy the freedom of movement even in wettest terrains. Its comfortable, dry and warm first choice for outdoor enthusiasts. Its 3 layered structure provides a waterproof and a highly breathable fit. Next time you see water just pull up your socks and move on. Get it Here.

#12. Cycling Sunglasses

Your style needs to keep up with your sports or outdoor activities for better performance and safety. UV protection and dust safety. This super lightweight multi-sport sunglass is perfect for cycling, training, running and other outdoor activities. The unbreakable frame comes with a lifetime breakage warranty. Get it Here.

#13. Mini Bike Pump

A mini bike pump super fit clever value works with both Presta and Schrader. Its extendable telescope design allows you to push more air for faster pumping. Just attach, lock and inflate (no extra attachments required). Also, offer a pocket-sized glueless puncture repair kit. Get it Here.

#14. Bike Balls for Visibility

Bike Balls

While having stupid drivers on road driving bicycle these days is not so safe. You actually need to have serious balls to ride your bicycle on the road. Boost your visibility by attaching these silicone bike balls under your bicycle seat. Gently squeeze to change light or turn it on. Get it Here.

#15. Puncture Proof: Airless Bicycle Tires

Puncture proof airless tires comes with advanced technology for bicycle tires, make you say goodbye to your old flat tires. You don’t air for these tires, they are made of a solid material equivalent to 100 psi and gives you the best on-road gripping and insanely low rolling resistance. Get it Here.

#16. Bicycle Seat Lock

No need to carry an extra heavy lock system with your bicycle anymore. Now you can travel around the city with this cleverly designed bicycle seat lock, a seat which can be pulled off the bicycle and converted into a heavy duty one-meter long chain lock. Get it Here.

#17. High Tech Textile Bike Lock

Keep your bike safe from being stolen by using this lightweight high-tech textile bike lock. It is light, beautiful and secure. A special mixture of technical fibers and specially developed construction make tex–lock which can easily prevent serious theft attacks. Get it Here.

#18. Solar Powered Bike Tail Light

Environment-friendly tail light needs no batteries or USB charging. This solar-powered bike tail light charges with the sunlight and works for up to 8 hours. Ensure your safety by adding this tail light to your cycling safety list. Two LED bulbs come with a waterproof case for rainy days. Get it Here.

#19. Smart Navigation Device For Bicycle

A smart and simple navigation device for cycling enthusiasts. This wireless, waterproof, shock resistant device can be attached to any bike handlebar. Connect with your smartphone and just navigate using the arrow sign displayed on the device. It shows simple direction and remaining distance. Get it Here.

#20. Trunk Mounted Bike Rack

A bike rack which mounts to your car trunk. Compatible with sedans, hatchbacks, minivans, and SUV’s. Frame design keeps the bicycles away from the car body and has individual tie-downs. An essential thing for kids pick nick trips and for adults adventurous trips. Carry your bikes wherever you go. Get it Here.

#21. Pedro’s Tire Lever

This small tire lever tool is highly useful for a cyclist. Flatting far away from home can be frustrated. Being thrilled you lugged that spare tube and pump, and then having your tire levers snap in two. Include two levers. Ergonomic shape and refined composite construction for stiffness and strength. Get it Here.

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