Unique GROOT Gift Ideas For The Groot Fanatic In Your Life

We all are a big fan of Marvel movies and we know that after the blockbuster release of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Groot is no more just a character in the long list of Marvel’s fictional superheroes.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 have given us a baby Groot which was even better than the elder Groot we have seen in the very first part of Guardians of the Galaxy. We can tell you this is the one and only fictional superhero which has fans that are not into action movies.

We have seen so many crazy Groot fanatics out there. And we do feel them for sure. We know that many of them are trying hard to hunt down the best Groot collectibles and Groot gift ideas. So for the sake of those die-hard Groot fanatics, we tried our best to give them what they really need as being the Groot lover.

Unique Gift Ideas For The GROOT Fanatics

We have shortlisted this crazy and the most desirable list of unique Groot gift ideas for Groot fanatics in your life. And each product mentioned in this crazy list can actually be grabbed you just need to through few bucks.

Go through our list of best gift ideas for Groot lovers and make sure you won’t miss out the hottest ones out there.

#1. Baby Groot Wooden Cutting Board ($9.99)

This super cute baby Groot wooden cutting board is here to give a smile on your face. A high-quality cutting board made of a durable wood and laser etched design for long-lasting durability. Show your love for the Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2 by getting this super cute piece of Groot in your kitchen. Get It Here.


#2. Marvel Infinity War Groot 30″ Inflate-A-Hero ($19.99)

The baby Groot in his teenage days as seen on Marvel Infinity War. This Groot is over 2 feet tall, and are inflatable, which means you can stick it back in the box when the city’s not in danger. Takes 10 minutes to inflate and its weighted feet allow it to stand strong. Comes with inflatable form, air pump hose, manual air pump, and repair patch. Get It Here.


#3. Baby Groot Earrings ($10.97)

Unique Gift Ideas For The GROOT Fanatic In Your Life

Collectors and fans must have eyes on it. This super cute action hero actually got more female fans than males. Which means your girlfriend/wife could also be one of them. Gifting her these baby Groot earings can make her day and your night. A perfect gift idea for family and friends. Get It Here.


#4. Father’s Day Matching Groot Tshirt ($32.40)

Unique Gift Ideas For The GROOT Fanatic In Your Life

Cheer up your father on this Father’s day by gifting this cool father’s day gift idea which includes a matching Groot t-shirt for father and son. The Groot t-shirt set includes “I am little Groot” and “I am Groot”. Available in many different colors and customizable sizes. Wear it an be the Groot. Get It Here.


#5. Marvel Groot USB Charger ($39.99)

Unique Gift Ideas For The GROOT Fanatic In Your Life

This tiny cute looking Groot will Groove in the cutest way whenever you plugged in and turned it on. Featuring 2 USB charging ports at 2.1A. This baby Groot USB charger will keep on dancing around while he charges your phone and other supported devices. Bring it today and dance with him. Get It Here.


#6. Real Wood Baby Groot ($30.00)

Unique Gift Ideas For The GROOT Fanatic In Your Life

This is no ordinary cosplay you see while browsing. This one is the real wood 3D printed Baby Groot which will attract every eye when placed on your home or office desk. And for fans Guardians of the Galaxy, this will be a perfect gift they would sure to scream for. Comes with 4 variations finished, unfinished, with base and without a base to sit him on. Get It Here.


#7. Baby Groot Wooden Desk Organizer ($34.25)

Baby Groot Wooden Holder

Add style to your desk with this baby Groot wooden desk organizer or holder which is also functional. It also makes a great gift. 100% handcrafted with Oak wood and water-based lacquer. Crafted with no sharp edges for the safety of your hands. And it also makes a perfect eye catcher for any desk. Get It Here.


#8. Baby Groot T-shirt ()

Unique Gift Ideas For The GROOT Fanatic In Your Life

This handmade baby Groot t-shirt comes with a strong message for everyone especially for fans of Groot and Guardians of the Galaxy. We need more Groots to add love and life in this world. So save the planet by planting more trees. This makes a perfect gift for the fanatic and a social message everyone should follow. Get It Here.


#9. Baby Groot Toy Figure For Toddler ($16.38)

Unique Gift Ideas For The GROOT Fanatic In Your Life

Got a toddler at home? Did you let him/her see the Guardians of the Galaxy 2? If yes, they must gonna like this cute baby Groot toy figure. A stylized POP vinyl baby Groot toy figure for the toddler. It is 3 ¾ inches tall and makes a perfect gift idea for even adult fan of Guardians of the Galaxy 2. Get this cutest addition to your collectibles. Get It Here.


#10. 40″ Tall Baby Groot Balloon ($6.95)

Unique Gift Ideas For The GROOT Fanatic In Your Life

Add this wow factor to your kids birthday party decoration. A 40” tall baby Groot balloon for the fans of Guardians of the Galaxy. This oversized baby Groot balloon will make sure to keep kids busy for a while. Made of foil mylar material. Both helium and air can be used to fill a baby Groot balloon. Get It Here.


#11. Grow And Glow Groot Plant ($19.00)

Glowing Groot Plant

This hot selling item is going to take your gardening to a completely next level. Grow your own Groot plant comes with a glow in the dark details and real sprout and vine seeds. What an experience it is to see your plant grow in the soil you prepared yourself. Get It Here.


#12. Baby Groot Crochet Toy ($34.95)

Unique Gift Ideas For The GROOT Fanatic In Your Life

Cutest crochet toy one can ask for. The baby Groot crochet toy for kids. This amigurumi toy is a special gift idea for the fans of Guardians of the Galaxy. Kids into toys and dolls will love this Groot crochet. Body parts are carefully attached and eyes are made of plastic. Get It Here.


#13. Groot LED Table Lamp ($30.00)

Unique Gift Ideas For The GROOT Fanatic In Your Life

After one of the hot selling Iron Man LED table lamp, here comes the Groot LED table lamp. This creative lamp designed in a way to give 3D visualization when turned on. Set this little Groot on your bedside to light up your bedroom. It can illuminate 7 different colors. Also comes with a remote for better control over the lamp, such as switching between colors, brightness and more. Get It Here.


#14. Baby Groot Head Shaped Bag ($39.99)

Unique Gift Ideas For The GROOT Fanatic In Your Life

I Am Groot! Carry all your galaxy-saving loot, essentials in one durable, adorable baby Groot head shaped bag with adjustable crossbody strap. Fully lined interior features “I am Groot!” speech bubble pattern. Also features a speech bubble shaped hang tag with “I am Groot”. Get It Here.


#15. Personalized Baby Groot Mug ($50.00)

Unique Gift Ideas For The GROOT Fanatic In Your Life

A personalized gift idea for Guardians of the Galaxy fan in your life. A joyful way to sip in your coffee and other drinks with this cute baby Groot mug. A handmade mug made on a pottery wheel, then molded and carved, bisque fired, painted and glazed inside with food-safe lead-free glaze, then fired the second time. The process makes it a perfect gift for the perfect fan. Get It Here.


#16. “I Was Groot” 3D Coasters ($14.95)

Unique Gift Ideas For The GROOT Fanatic In Your Life

A newly discovered word from Groot “I was Groot”. Guardians drink wooden 3D coaster set makes a perfect housewarming gift for the Groot lover in your life. Comes in real wood or a plastic filament based on your desired color. A perfect hunt for Marvel gift items. Get It Here.


#17. Guardians of the Galaxy Groot Crew Socks ($8.79)

Unique Gift Ideas For The GROOT Fanatic In Your Life

A pair of socks to show your fanatic spirit for Guardians of the Galaxy. Slip into these awesome looking Guardians of the Galaxy Groot Crew Socks with all over the knitted-in image of Groot’s face. A perfect Marvel gift for Guardians of the Galaxy fan in your life. 98% polyester, 2% spandex for comfortable wear. Get It Here.


#18. Crochet Groot Costume For Toddler ($25.00)

Unique Gift Ideas For The GROOT Fanatic In Your Life

A handmade Groot costume for your toddler. A perfect Groot set for photo props, Halloween Costumes, and even a baby shower gift. Set your baby to go Groot mode. This Groot set includes a hat and a diaper cover. Also available Groot set with crochet booties. Get It Here.


#19. “I Am Groot” Doormat ($41.01)

Unique Gift Ideas For The GROOT Fanatic In Your Life

I Am Groot, Yeah! Its enough to welcome a Guardians of the Galaxy fan. A handmade welcome mat for the fans of Groot. Let this baby Groot welcome your guests with his adorable words that only rocket raccoon can understand “I Am Groot”. Gift it to the Groot fan in your life and can also be used as a housewarming gift. Get It Here.


#20. Baby Groot Face Planter ($9.95)

Baby Groot Planter

Who doesn’t love the baby Groot? It would be great for small succulent plants, or air plants. Can be used to gift someone. This handmade baby Groot planter has a smiling face and splash of green which can bring joy to any space. Comes in Woodfill color with 5 different sizes. Get It Here.


#21. Guardians Of The Galaxy-Groot Mug ($14.95)

Unique Gift Ideas For The GROOT Fanatic In Your Life

Inspired by Guardians of the Galaxy a ceramic Groot coffee mug by funko. Sip in your morning coffee with the Groot. A perfect gift for fans and collectors alike. The eyes on this coffee mug makes it even more cute. Get It Here.


#22. “We Are Groot” Wrap Rings ($20.00)

Unique Gift Ideas For The GROOT Fanatic In Your Life

Do you like wearing rings? If you like unique rings, you won’t like to miss this one out. A set of two wrap rings perfect valentines day gift idea for couples. These handmade adjustable we are Groot wrap rings made of pure 1100 Aluminum. And contain no Zinc or Magnesium. Get It Here.


#23. Baby Groot Flower Pot ($29.99)

Cute Baby Groot Flower Pot

This cute baby Groot Flower pot is a fun decoration for the home, garden, and office. It is perfect for tiny plants like succulent, cactus, etc. Made of high-quality resin with a height of just about seven inches tall. Get It Here.


#24. Groot Today I Feel T-shirt ($15.95)

Unique Gift Ideas For The GROOT Fanatic In Your Life

Officially licensed Marvel Groot T-shirt. Show off different emotions and feelings of Groot with this many Faces Of Groot Today I feel t-shirt which shows the okay face, sad face, angry face, happy face, confused face of your favorite Groot. Get It Here.


#25. Guardians of the Galaxy Dancing Groot ($34.70)

Unique Gift Ideas For The GROOT Fanatic In Your Life

This isn’t just another action figure from the Marvel series. Ever expected to dance with your favorite Groot? This is dancing Groot which will actually dance with you. This 11.5 inch Groot figure got internal music to groove but can also detect external music to dance to songs and playlist. I know you need a dancing partner, you can make it happen now. Get It Here.


#26. Baby Groot Soap ($3.50)

Unique Gift Ideas For The GROOT Fanatic In Your Life

Yeah! That’s right, a baby Groot soap. A handmade scented soap with custom colors. Set this up in your bathroom shelf and wait for fanatics to see it. All your friends, family and guests will love it. It is so cute that you may not want to ruin it by using it the way a soap is used. A perfect bathroom accessory to add to your bathroom and a perfect gift idea for Guardians of the Galaxy fans. Get It Here.


#27. Guardians Of The Galaxy Groot Mask ($33.94)

Unique Gift Ideas For The GROOT Fanatic In Your Life

Get ready for the Halloween party or to prank your kids. Inspired by the blockbuster movie: Guardians Of The Galaxy official licensed Groot mask. A Groot mask with a real wooden look. One size fits most teens and adults. Get It Here.


#28. Dancing Baby Groot Smart Phone Stand ($24.00)

Unique Gift Ideas For The GROOT Fanatic In Your Life

Got too much love for the baby Groot? Here is another cute looking Groot gift for you. A wooden smartphone stand including a wooden dancing baby Groot that fits almost all types of smartphones i.e, iPhones, Samsung and more. An awesome wooden smartphone holder to hold your phone while watching online videos, video chats, surfing Facebook, checking emails or simply charge your phone. Get It Here.


#29. Baby Groot Keychain ($17.99)

Unique Gift Ideas For The GROOT Fanatic In Your Life

Keychains always work for random occasional gifts. But this keychain comes with your favorite character from Guardians Of The Galaxy “Groot”. With the keychain, there are 3 different Groot figures to choose from the waving hand Groot, the bruce lee Groot and the Pointing Groot. No matter what you choose this gonna be the best gift for the Groot fan around you. Get It Here.


#30. “I Am Groot” Bracelet ($20.00)

Unique Gift Ideas For The GROOT Fanatic In Your Life

An adjustable Groot bracelet which has 5 goodies in one. The bracelet is featured with a hand-stamped aluminum charm, Groot charm, mixtape, and green and brown Swavorski crystals which makes it a perfect jewelry gift item for the fans of Groot and Guardians of the Galaxy. Get It Here.


The list may be bit long as compared to others out there but we need to make sure it covers all the products a Groot fan could think about. If you like reading this article don’t forget to share it on your social network with friends and family.

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