12 Cool And Creative Computer Keyboards To Level Up Any Workspace

These days you’ll find computers are everywhere in our jobs, stores, institutions and in our home and so do the keyboards with it. Many of you give too much time working on your computer screen using your old keyboards with buttons that lagged or get jam sometimes.

It is much of an indication that you need to change your keyboard so that you won’t get bored of your workspace.

You need to pick those indications and need to find a new keyboard that makes your old boring workstation a fun place again. Computer keyboards are available in many innovative designs to suit all kind of workstations.

We’ve compiled a list of 12 cool and creative computer keyboards to level up your workspace. Our list of cool computer keyboards has portable keyboards, ergonomic keyboards, infrared keyboards, customizable keyboards, washable keyboards, wearable keyboards, foldable keyboards, keyless keyboards, split keyboards, keyboards with touchpads, typewriter keyboards, and rollable keyboards.

Cool Computer Keyboards To Level Up Any Workspace

Let’s get started with our shortlisted keyboards for your workstation.


#1. TAP Wearable Keyboard, Mouse & Controller

TAP Wearable Keyboard

Replace your old computer keyboard and mouse with TAP a wireless wearable keyboard, mouse and game controller. It let your fingers control and communicate with the digital world. Just by tapping your fingers and moving your thumb, you can write characters and give commends to any Bluetooth device. Support Bluetooth devices like phone, tabs, laptop, smart TV, computers and more. Get It Here.


#2. Virtual Infrared Laser Keyboard

A small and portable virtual keyboard for any workspace. A high tech functional virtual keyboard which works on a built-in infrared laser projector. Nearly a size of your smartphone this virtual laser keyboard projects a standard size keyboard on the working surface. Makes it perfect to carry around anywhere you go. Adjustable brightness and volume. Get It Here.


#3. Programmable Keyboard

A customizable control panel with 80 keys compact design. A singlehanded programmable keyboard and controls which provide you reliable computer input hardware experience. Perfect for providing mission-critical controls with unparalleled support. Clear key lenses to customize keyboard buttons with pre-printed icons as per your need. Add or remove keys, blockers, and large keys to create an intuitive layout for your workflow. Support both Windows and OS X. Get It Here.


#4. Typewriter Computer Keyboard

Typewriter Computer Keyboard

Typewriter Computer Keyboard

Like to type the old school way? Here is a gorgeous typewriter computer keyboard just for you so that you can make your fingers go restless mode. This modified typewrite can work as a USB keyboard or Bluetooth connected keyboard for your PC, Mac, iPad, tablets or any smartphone. Get It Here.


#5. Wireless Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard

Compact, lightweight, and very convenient to use with any smartphone. This wireless foldable Bluetooth keyboard connects with all type of mobile devices using Bluetooth. And comes with a foldable feature to fit in your pocket to carry it anywhere you want. Ergonomic design based on different typing habits. Get It Here.


#6. Arm Guard With Wireless Wrist Keyboard

A remarkable handmade arm guard with a wireless wrist keyboard which is also functional. 3-in-1 multimedia wireless keyboard (Keyboard, TouchPad, Laser Pointer). Control your media while sitting on the sofa or lounging in bed, up to 100 feet away. Comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery for faster charging. Support Windows, OS X and Linux. Get It Here.


#7. Rollable Keyboard With Bluetooth Speaker

Rollable Keyboard & Bluetooth Speaker

Rollable Keyboard & Bluetooth Speaker

Carry this handy rollable keyboard with Bluetooth Speaker anywhere you go. It is a perfect combo for your active lifestyle. It has universal connectivity, can use it all smartphones Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows tabs and Amazon Fire. All the devices can be connected with a single touch. Get It Here.


#8. Keyless Keyboard & Mouse

Time to upgrade your workspace with this cool future tech. No need to use your fingers or wrist motion to operate. Its innovative design offers all the functions of 128 keys on keyboard and mouse functionality in its two dome-shaped controllers. A perfect keyless keyboard for individuals with hand, finger injury, carpal tunnel syndrome, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, arthritis, and autism. Get It Here.


#9. Tri-Folding Keyboard

A triple foldable keyboard with full standard size keyboard for a user-friendly experience. With this setup your workstation anywhere you go. Its tri-folding design makes it easy to carry anywhere you go. Compatible with all iOS, Windows and Android devices. Both wireless and wired connectivity available. Full charging lasts up to 10 days. Get It Here.


#10. Split Ergonomic Keyboard

A uniquely modern design keyboard with amazingly comfortable feel. The split keyboard layout to help position the wrists and forearms in a natural, relaxed position. Also featured a cushioned palm rest to provide wrist support, and a domed keyboard shape to reduce wrist pronation. The separate number pad provides more flexibility for your workspace setup. Get It Here.


#11. Washable Keyboard

How cool is that a computer keyboard which can be washed or submerged? Accidental coffee spill or food won’t be a problem with this washable keyboard. This waterproof and washable keyboard with ultra-durability can let you do typing in the bathtub. Standard size keyboard with a clean contemporary design. Get It Here.


#12. Mini Keyboard With Touchpad

Another innovative design keyboard for setting up a workstation on the go. It connects with all devices via Bluetooth and has a touchpad on its right side corner. Multi-touchpad and ScrollBar – allows for scrolling, screen flip, mouse click and Smartphone. Portable with a rechargeable battery. Also, have a backlight for convenient typing in low light. Get It Here.

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