13+ Creative Bathroom Toilet Games To Kill Your Bathroom Boredom

Is your poop time is not that fun that it should be?

Just admit that we millennials don’t like to waste our time, be it home or be it an office. But there is one more place at our homes where we don’t have too much of an option but to procrastinate.

Toilet. But not anymore.

We might be born in the 20th century, but we are living in 21st and it teaches us to value our time no matter what. So even if you are attending to nature’s call, there are some amazing things you can do.

Bathroom Toilet Games To Kill Your Bathroom Boredom

To start with, you can play some Bathroom toilet games which guarantee full house entertainment without breaking the laws of nature. And if you are wondering if there is something like Bathroom games, here is a list of creative toilet games that can literally kill your bathroom boredom. Enjoy your bathroom play.

#1. Novelty Toilet Basketball Slam Dunk Game ($19.69)

Novelty Toilet Basketball Slam Dunk Game

Novelty Toilet Basketball Slam Dunk Game

Do you remember the potty putter golf game? Well, that was fun for sure but this Toilet Basketball rocks even better. A perfect gift for your bathroom boredom. Not only adults but kids will love it too. It will sure give you some extra time to practice your squat shots. GET IT HERE.


#2. Hilarious Potty Piano ($17.99)

Hilarious Potty Piano

Hilarious Potty Piano

Ready to start your one man bathroom band? Drop your potty boredom with this Hilarious Potty Piano. Great fun gift for any age to play jingle while you take a tinkle. The Potty Piano fits perfectly around the base of the toilet seat. Comes with a songbook to let you improve your performance while your potty time. GET IT HERE.


#3. Toilet Time Golf Game ($10.29)

Toilet Time Golf Game

Why waste time browsing on the phone every time you hit the bathroom. Practice new skills next time you sit there after you buy this potty puter toilet time golf game. Or gift this product to your golfer friend who can never get enough of this game. Unwrapping this gift will surely blow off his mind. GET IT HERE.


#4. Rope Deck Combo ($92.21)

Hold your horses in style while your body takes care of your morning bowels with this amazing rope deck combo. This amazing piece of wood and rope is scientifically proven to help during bowel movements. Play with the knots and enjoy your time with this wonderful Bathroom toilet game. GET IT HERE


#5. Novelty Sudoku Puzzle Toilet Paper Game Roll ($3.99)

Novelty Sudoku Puzzle Toilet Paper Game Roll

Novelty Sudoku Puzzle Toilet Paper Game Roll

When you are bored on the loo, Solve a Sudoku. It’s not necessary that every toilet games should have a physical kick in it. Sometimes it’s better you go with the mental exertion. By adding sudoku to your bathroom your guests will sure to take more time at the loo. It is also possible that your toilet paper could get smuggled into pieces by your guests. GET IT HERE.


#6. Magnetic Dart Board ($29.99)

Magnetic Dart Board

Magnetic Dart Board

Adding this magnetic dart to your bathroom walls will give you extreme fun while you be seated on your toilet throne. The magnets are safely enclosed inside so that your walls won’t get any harm. Each set includes a 16″ dartboard and 2 sets of 3 darts. You can also buy dart refills for a few extra bucks. It’s not meant to be a toilet game but adding it to your toilet would be a perfect choice. GET IT HERE.


#7. Novelty Toilet Football Game ($58.88)

Novelty Toilet Football Game

Novelty Toilet Football Game

He poops, he scores. This bathroom toilet game is a perfect white elephant gift idea for any avid footballer or a fan. With this novelty toilet football game, you can have all the fun of football at your toilet, excluding the running, kicks and shoots. A few sweet scores can get you a world cup. This toilet soccer game comes with a do not disturb sign for your uninterrupted fun. GET IT HERE.


#8. Hook and Ring Board Game

Creative Bathroom Toilet Games To Kill Your Bathroom Boredom

Don’t let go of the excitement factor even in the bathroom with this amazingly cool Bathroom toilet game. Hook and Ring Board game is one of the best ways to dodge boredom inside the bathroom. It is easy to install and easy to play which makes it suitable for every age group. GET IT HERE


#9. Poop Puzzle Game ($10.37)

Poop Puzzle Game

Fall in love with your poop routine with this Poop Puzzle Game. For those who are looking to use the precious morning time for sharpening their brains, this creative toilet game is the best. The set of the game has puzzles, teasers, jokes and much more that will make your morning way more delightful. GET IT HERE


#10. Puzzle Toilet Paper Roll ($10.77)

Creative Bathroom Toilet Games To Kill Your Bathroom Boredom

Give your toilet paper a brainy makeover with this amazing Puzzle paper Roll. The puzzle paper roll is like any other toilet paper roll that has puzzles imprinted on it to keep your brain busy while your body does conduct its daily cleansing. Funny puzzles printed on toilet paper requires no extra expense and serves utility as well as entertainment with no extra cost. GET IT HERE


#11. Bathroom Welcome Kit ($13.46)

Creative Bathroom Toilet Games To Kill Your Bathroom Boredom

The toilet is a secluded world of its own and as a party host, it is your duty to make your guests feel welcomed everywhere they go. Everywhere yes, including the bathroom. Surprise your guests in the most funniest and creative way possible with this best bathroom toilet game that also allows you to get good feedback about cleanliness in your bathrooms. GET IT HERE


#12. Responsive Yoyo with Narrow C Bearing ($12.99)

A responsive yoyo can also be a solution to your bathroom boredom. Playing yoyo is always fun, one could play with it for a whole day. Optimized to find the best balance, long spin times, stability, and ease of catching on the string. Silicone response system for super long spins. Narrow C sized bearing. GET IT HERE.


#13. Potty Toilet Fishing Game ($10.99)

Potty Toilet Fishing Game

Potty Toilet Fishing Game

Fishing is a sport that requires a lot of patience. And the bathroom is the place where you can get that patience when you are seated on your toilet throne. Here is one more play to quit your bathroom boredom “potty toilet fishing game”. Get relax and be seated, wait for the fish to bite the bait and pull it out. GET IT HERE.

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